The Final Bow

Jerusalem Productions Ltd has invested in Christian programmes on UK terrestrial TV and radio stations since 1990 and has rewarded original and engaging Christian broadcasting through the Jerusalem Awards for over 20 years.

Given that the media landscape has changed since the company’s inception, the Directors have been considering its future and recently agreed that it should start to produce its own content, focusing on digital platforms for a millennial audience.

This means that the way Jerusalem Productions collaborates with other production companies will change. Whilst there will be a shift away from a pure investment model, we hope to build on the relationships we have developed over the years and to find creative ways of partnering to create intriguing Christian content.

Finally, as many of you will now be aware, 2018 saw the last Jerusalem Awards ceremony. The Directors have been so impressed with both the creativity and the production values of entries over the years and would like to thank all those who work tirelessly to create Christian broadcasts across the UK. The new direction means the Awards will stop as Jerusalem Productions considers other creative outlets, but we hope to have reasons to continue to connect.

For further information contact Vikki McLachlan at

Sue Radford

Chair, Jerusalem Productions

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