Judges 2016

Jerusalem Awards judges come from a variety of backgrounds.


Each is chosen for their expertise in Christian broadcasting – both producing and presenting – or for their experience in Christian mission. Every year some of our previous winners and Under 25 entrants are also invited to participate in either the shortlisting or judging stages.

The judges for this year are:

Jerusalem Awards_26.06.16_HighRes-67

Elizabeth Oldfield, Theos; Andrew Graystone, MediaFutures; Chine McDonald, Evangelical Alliance; Peterson Feital, The Haven.

Jerusalem Awards_26.06.16_HighRes-73

Esther Higham, Higham & Company; Gavin Tyte, Jerusalem Productions; Jenny Taylor, LapidoMedia.

Jerusalem Awards_26.06.16_HighRes-78

James Townsend, CofE Education; Lucy Tegg, BBC Radio Bristol; Colin Lowther, Reach Beyond.

Jerusalem Awards_26.06.16_HighRes-70

Eustace Constance, Ascension Trust; Sue Radford, Jersualem Productions; Mark Pennells, Innervation.



Ekene Oboko, CTVC; Nick Beasley, 24-7 Prayer; Dan Lodge, Youth for Christ; Scot Bower, Christian Solidarity Worldwide; Deanna Fletcher, UCB; Sharlene Robinson, XLP; Antony Bushfield, Premier Christian Radio; Wayne Malcolm, Colourful Radio; Marika Rose, CODEC, Durham; Danni Malone, Cinnamon Network; Liz Clutterbuck, CofE; Amaris Cole, Evangelical Alliance; Leah Nuth, Mercers’ Company; James Fawcett, Concrete.