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The Awards recognise original and engaging Christian broadcasting. Entries are judged on Creative content, Christian message, Audience relevance and Technical standard (best use of medium). 

Programmes of under 30 minutes – submit the full programme

Programmes of over 30 minutes – submit a compilation of up to 30 mins (or up to 60 mins for Long Form Radio):

  • Give the judges the essence of your programme or strand as well as a number of stand-out moments.
  • The judges must always be clear what they are listening to.
  • It is almost always worth including the opening sequence of a programme.
  • A time-coded list may be useful.
  • If your programme features music which is not integral to the feature, consider removing or fading it.

For guidance on particular categories, please see the Categories page.

Click here to submit your application. The closing date for entries is Friday 11th May 2018.